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    Solar Training

    Enter the rapidly growing solar industry with the skills to install and maintain solar panels. Learn more  Donate Now
  • B'more Green Training
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    B'More Green Training

    Find employment in the rapidly growing green and environmental industries. Learn moreDonate Now
  • Brownsfield Training
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    Brownfields Training

    Learn to safely and effectively clean up industrially contaminated sites. Learn moreDonate Now
  • Energy Retrofit Training
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    Energy Retrofit Training

    Energy retrofitting is an industry primed for expansion and job creation. Learn moreDonate Now
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Who are we?

The mission of Civic Works’ Baltimore Center for Green Careers is to make Baltimore’s economy more equitable and sustainable by training residents for jobs in the emerging green economy. Since 2003, the combination of meaningful employment, a living wage, and marketable trade skills has proven powerfully successful.

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